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o-BANSHEE-570You’re driving your average sad car on the road and at the intersection you see an super sleek amazingly attractive vehicle which could actually be gliding by looking at the beauty of it. At that moment in time while you hit the regulator to make the AC work in your car don’t you just feel like getting out of your car and walk towards the amazing vehicle you’ve set your eyes upon, open the door of that entity up and just full throttle punch the driver behind the wheel in the face? Yes but that my friend can only happen when you’re playing Grand Theft Auto.


Well the vehicle that was made super famous from out very own very popular and loved game Grand Theft Auto comes the Banshee that is actually available for purchase now! Actually the Dodge Viper SRT – 10 is owned by a mom in a contest at GameStop and while she definitely enjoys the high speed and roaring sounds the car makes apart from turning heads everyday, she wants to sell it to fund her son’s college degree. The car is up for a price of $170,000 and up for grabs to whoever is the most die hard fan of Grand Theft Auto or just an avid collector.