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WATCH: $1 Million Street Legal BATMOBILE is now a REALITY!


In the world of immense technological growth, there has been a great much effect on every aspect and every industry. One of the major industries effected by technology has been the automotive industry. Not only this but the highly powerful coverage in this regard has been making automobile fanatics go wild. The newly introduced models from numerous companies each promising great performance, superior features and the high class exterior that promises to leave the viewer in awe are the order of the day. And there is ultimate truth to this statement. The multi million billion dollar industry is showcasing the amazing technological incorporation on various platforms possible.

One of such platforms is movie industry. Movies like Fast and Furious, RUSH, Need for Speed and many more are showcasing what the amazing automobile industry has to offer. There is however one vehicle that stands out among all – The BATMOBILE! For the first time ever the fans can own their very own Batmobile tumbler that is street legal. Equipped with a V8 LS1, the Batmobile does not provide the same performance as the original in the movie; however to purchase this amazing and epic vehicle you need the same bank account as that of Bruce Wanyne himself. Currently in the market at $1 million, the Batmobile is sure to make the fan base go crazy!