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WATCH: BMW Is Making Music! Hear It To Believe it!


Music is the food for the soul. There is no denying the fact that music really is a kind of art that is sheer beauty itself. Be it of any sort classical, pop, rock, jazz, instrumental, country or any sort the beat and the lyrics just mesmerize you in a way nothing ever could. With world wide music, the instruments used to make a single composition are multiple each coming together to make a perfect piece of sheer perfection. It is dazzling and inspiring all the while being peaceful and content.

One of the most amazing features is the way it is constructed. We recently came across on of the most interesting compositions ruling the internet at the moment. An Asian individual with the love of folk drums called Tablas and actual combined the beat of an actually BMW to create a piece that will make you tap your foot along. Starting from the mellow sounds of the BMW and ending with the same beat, the composition will keep u mesmerized in the experience all the way. We never knew BMW would ever be making music like this but i guess they can add it to their expanding business operations.