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WATCH: Environmentalists Use Trucks In A Smashing New Way To Create Awareness!


The needs for creating awareness regarding the environment has been a mission for many for as long as i can remember. Human kind is wired in a way to go for things and options that are easier and more convenient even if they are harmful to themselves and to the environment. Many organizations have been established to conquer this issue at its core itself where as numerous companies are becoming more and more aware and thus are creating product that are environmentally friendly along with educating their customers through numerous active campaigns.

However some of us take a slightly different and more aggressive tone towards creating awareness which might actually result in defeating the purpose. Anti environmentalists have taken to their trucks to send a politically correct message by the name of “rolling coal”. The medium to exhaust their angers is actually the exhaust in their trucks that is producing even greater amount of smoke by altering their rides. Too much fuel fails to combust and thus leaves the engine as soot which is the purpose of the anti experimentalist campaigners. People who are against the Obama administration are taking things to a whole new level by saying that if he is for the environment, we are not.