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WATCH: Forget The Ice Bucket Challenge; Mechanic Takes An Engine Oil Bucket Challenge Instead!


The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the whole world by storm. In order to increase awareness about the ALS disease and to raise funds for ALS research, a small group of people started the trend of challenging 3 people to either pour ice buckets over their head or donate $100 to ALS charity. The three people furthermore challenged 3 more people respectively to the same challenge. The Ice Bucket challenge soon became a rapid phenomenon thanks to the social media and the involvement of big names in the technological, entertainment, sports, politics and numerous other industries. Millions of dollars were donated for the cause with people coming forward to take the challenge in the most innovative and exciting ways possible.

However one of the challenges that stands out among the most popular ones is that of a mechanic who instead of pouring an ice bucket over his head decided to take the engine oil bucket challenge instead. That was one daring move made by the individual who stood erect while his friends poured buckets of engine oil over him. He however donated the money to Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of his mother who passed away earlier this year after a long term fight with cancer. Hats of to you my friend.