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WATCH: Man, His Mother and A Dead Woman On the Front Seat Make a Trip From Arizona to Michigan!


Yes you read that right. What makes a great trip truly memorable? The number of stops and fun on the way or the quality time with the family? A little bit of adventure? Well not for the guy driving from Arizona to Michigan who was in the company of his 92 year old mother and a 31 year old woman who was apparently a dead corpse.


A 62 year old Clinton Township resident, who spent the winters in Arizona with his mother and came back to Michigan in the summers is int he midst of this shocking yet sad piece of news. The man with this mother and the 31 year old woman who he was involved in a romantic relationship with, was driving from Arizona to Michigan when they stopped on their way to take a break where the woman who recently checked out of the mental health facility, took oxycodone and apparently overdosed on the way back and died in the car. The man tried to wake her up but she was so cold he realized she must have died. The man upon realizing this continued his journey back home with the woman in the front seat with her sunglasses on and tucked behind the seat belt. The health facility courtesy called the woman’s cell which the man answered by telling them that she can’t talk since she is dead. Upon getting back home he contacted the authorities who found the man in a broken down and terrible condition along side his mother after the deathly sad trip.

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