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WATCH: NASCAR Super Star Hits And Kills Fellow Driver During Race!


There can be no price put on safety. No matter the circumstances there is no balance for money in terms of a human life as nothing can bring that back no matter what. Int he automotive industry nowadays there has been immense stress on the need for providing safe and technologically equipped vehicles that will not only maintain the sanctity of human life and safeguard the lives of the passengers inside of the car but of the pedestrians on the street as well. There has been numerous safety features that warn the drivers if their attention is diverting or the incorporation of rear view cameras to audibly alert the driver that there is a pedestrian or a car nearby which might crash into the vehicle. But at times no matter how protected you are the 1 percent chance of human error results in ending a life and that is exactly the tragedy that happened on the Sprint Car race in New York.

NASCAR superstar Tony Stewart was involved in the unfortunate event that resulted in the death of the fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. When Stewart spun Ward out of the Canandaigua Motorsports Park sprint car race in New York, the young driver angrily got out of the car and on to the racetrack. The action proved to be deadly for Ward when Stewart’s car hit him making the driver go sliding down the cement. The driver was immediately taken to the hospital where he was declared dead. Since Stewart was in the middle of the race and had no idea Ward would step out of the car on track he is not to be blamed for the unfortunate incident and criminal charges are not being pressed.