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WATCH: Nissan Sony Concept Car Beauty In Gran Turismo 6!!


With the introduction of driver less cars that once seemed impossible, the cars of the future are being designed this very moment. There are numerous ideas that we wish could be a reality with the Flying Car on top of the list. However where efforts are being made to turn our hovering dream into reality there are numerous other ideas that await implementation. One of such designs is being introduced in the Gran Turismo 6.


Sony and Nissan has collaborated to and created a concept car which will be featured in the Gran Turismo 6. The new vehicle is proudly named the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. The idea behind the vehicle was to create such an innovative design that reflects the future technological implementation. The vehicle concept was created with the combined effort and collaboration of Polyphony Digital and designers from Nissan Design Europe in London for the creating of the concept. The teaser trailer released by the company shows the sleek and sophisticated vehicle with power torque and acceleration that is sure to leave the audience’s jaw dropped open. The sleek design has captured the attention it wanted and is now eagerly awaited by the Gran Turismo 6 fans out there.