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WATCH: The Art Of Villainy By The Classic Jaguar!


Jaguar had come back with a bang with its completely revamped version of the brand’s image. The British automobile giant in its recent advertisement campaigns has compared Jaguar’s sleek, sharp and sophisticated nature with that of the smartness of the British villains that are always the first choice in Hollywood. As a parallel to that the edgy yet classy car is the first choice for those who dare to be villainous and out of the box.

In the recent advertisement that features the ever classy Tom Hiddleston, the amazing actor has created a comparison between what makes a villain great all the while highlighting every single quality that is already present in Jaguar. The first thing for either options is the need to sound distinct be it your villainous voice or Jaguar’s distinct zoom that shows who is in charge. Along with that the villain should have style which Jaguar already possesses along with a razor sharp wit. It is important that the villain has the ability to stay one step ahead which is the pride of Jaguar itself. One of the classiest line of the ad goes as “World domination starts with attention to detail”. This is left pale in comparison to the tiny switch present in the new Jaguar that completely changes everything. Although the vehicle has been banned from YouTube on grounds of promoting villainy and dangerous driving, yet it does not fail to WOW us!