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WATCH: Toddler Left In Car Dies!!! Accident OR Murder??


One of the most hyped incidents of the week is when this dad in Georgia left his child in the car seat of his vehicle for more than 7 hours. This resulted in the eminent death of the little boy and the man is now being charged which brings up the question; was it an accident or deliberate murder?

Justin Ross Harris put his son in the car when he reached his workplace and left him there to go to work. Later that day during lunch break he came back to his vehicle to check on something according to the investigation being carried out. The 22 month old baby was left alone in Hyundai Tucson for more than 7 hours and died due to parental negligence. The father upon returning to the vehicle found his baby in this state and went tot he near by shopping center for assistance with the toddler but it was ultimately too late. The father is now being charged with second degree child cruelty and felony murder. The scorching heat of Georgia resulted in effecting the little baby in the most dire ways possible with the little one’s life in terrible danger due to lack of support, food, water and care needed to keep the baby alive. The case is being examined by medical professionals and numerous other officials who are trying to get to the root of the problem. There has been a massive debate on whether the father deliberately did it with a major support from parents saying that it could have happened to anyone and the accident was punishment enough for the grieving father.