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WATCH: Woman Who Sets Fire To Car With A Dead Body Inside Caught On Camera!


It takes a smart person who do things in the most effective and efficient manner. This is most important when you are actually committing a crime because if you make a single mistake, they sure will catch you. A hint of a DNA or misplaced item or belonging at the scene of the crime or a surveillance footage and you will be caught. All of us have seen enough Crime Scene Investigation CSI to know there are millions of ways to catch a criminal and until and unless you are Jack the Ripper yourself prepare to run the rest of your life.

In the recent footage from a surveillance camera in St. Louis there was a shocking scene witnessed. A black female who was almost 6 feet tall got out of her black SUV with a red gas can in her hands. Within a few seconds a white car engulfed into flames at the very sight of it. What is immensely shocking is that there was a dead body of a 24 year old Darnell Robinson inside the car who had been shot to death. The woman escaped the crime scene but was caught on camera in the surveillance footage. The police is right on the investigation at the moment alerting people in the areas nearby to inform the authorities in case they come across such an individual.