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We Have All Thought Of Defying Traffic With A Bulldozer & This Guy Did It!


One of the worst possible things anyone can through every single day on their way to work is a hell bent traffic situation. It may be due to the rush hour of people trying to get to work and the long lines which you wish you can cut and speed along the process. People have to commute for long hours to get to work or to their destination of choice and the level of frustration and stress to be late for work is haunting. Well this guy did what no one has ever done before even though he left his trail behind.

A man in New Jersey stole a bulldozer to get avid the traffic and get to his home because of the deathly cold nowadays. Not only that but he leveled tree branches, sign boards, trees, drinking fountains, and left a maze of grass behind while driving the bulldozer. The man was arrested and charged for driving under intoxication and criminal mischief along with theft charges against him. Well with the snow storm that has hit New York and nearby areas with 6 feet of snow we do not blame the poor guy for trying to run home and get warm in the process.