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We Might Not Be A Fan Of Bieber But You Have To Admit The Kid Has Good Taste In Cars!


Whoever tries to take Micheal Jackson’s place as the King of Pop will not be welcome no matter the circumstances. The baby boy Bieber who is presently known as the Prince of Pop is considered by almost all 16 year old girls around the world to be the actual contender for the position. Where we might agree to disagree on this we have to admit Justin Bieber knows how to keep himself in the news. It maybe due to driving under the influence or hitting the paparazzi or doing drugs or comparing his minor incident in the car ride with the tragic death of Princess Diana, Bieber needs to know the fine line between being in the news or throwing himself at the news.

No matter how much we love to hate Bieber and we sincerely do for the record, we have to admit the kid’s got taste when it comes to cars. Having a collection of exclusive vehicles of his choice alongside him, the latest jewel in the crown is the 458 Italia which is one of Ferrari’s best of the best. The vehicle got a matte paint job done on it by the owner’s demand in the traditional Ferrari color the dashing red. You just cant help but envy the kid a little even if he is Justin Bieber himself.