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What Does You Car Color Say About You!

It is the choices that we make on daily basis that make us who we are. This goes from the side of the bed we sleep on, the breakfast we eat, the books we read, the place we live in, the job we opt for, the cars we drive and the perceptions we have. Every single choice in out lives mold us into something that we are that is our personality. This may be effected by the kind of childhood we have experienced or the inclinations we continuously follow.

One of the stepping stones in a person’s life is the car he or she opts for. The color of the car may have something significant to say about your personality character. Be it from the strikingly flashy colors that make up your extrovert nature or subtle minimal colors that highlights your introvert personality, there is always a hidden message that clicks on the type of person you are.

Black – Classic, Elegant and Powerful


White – Pure, Direct, and Clear


Pearl – Glamorous, Intriguing and Sophisticated


Silver – Prestigious, Elegant and Futuristic


Red – Extrovert, Daring and Sensual


Orange – Artistic, Complex and Individuality


Yellow – Dynamic, Joyful and Humorous