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Whatever You Do Don’t Fall Asleep Behind The Wheel!


There has been a constant increase of road accidents inspite of expensive technological gadgets being fitted in the cars nowadays. It may be due to lack in attention span while using your cell phone or your texting while driving or driving under the influence. In order to cater to that eye sensors and monitors are being fitted top ensure that the second the eye wavers from the road ahead visual and audio alarms are set off in the car to get your attention back on the road.

One such incidents that impresses on the importance of such technology is that of a man who recently fell asleep behind the wheel of his car. A man from Burlington suffered minor injuries after he dozed off on the back of his steering wheel and crashed early morning. The luck was with the driver since he was wearing his seat belt and was saved from being thrown through the windshield after the car was recovered partially hanging and severely damaged. The 19 year old boy confessed to falling asleep while driving and waking up to find the vehicle rolled over. The police is deciding to not charge the driver while the investigation is still being carried out.