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What’s Better Than Racing Yourself On The Road!


Ever since we started playing video games our top most favourite ones have been the race car chases. Starting from Turbo Racer in Atari to Need For Speed and numerous more in Nintendo, Sega and Play Station. There is nothing better than zooming around trying to in the race one after another. The high spirit and the pumped up attitude you feel due to that is not only exhilarating but extremely enjoyable. What if i told you that now you don’t have to just enjoy it in virtual reality but now it gets even better.

Like a hologram screen you are used to when playing Gran Turismo, the ability to track your fastest lap and then trying to outdo yourself in order to become a better racer with greater control at a higher speed is what you have always wanted in real life. Well now you can do that with a GhostDash that allows you to monitor your previously fastest performance along the way making sure you have all the details needed in the hologram to beat your earlier score. It is like actually racing yourself in real life. Does it even get better than that?