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When Road Trips Go Wrong!

Isn’t it the best when you plan your whole vacation ahead of you? You look at the places you want to visit. You book the hotels where you want to stay. You take into considerations you want to touch on the way to your destination. You pack away your things excitedly making sure you keep every single item in your back pack. You making all the plans with your travel buddies and book a car to go all the way through no stopping and only fun. You are now on the road having the time of your life. It turned out to be even better than you ever imagined. You’re taking picture, making movies, singing along to songs that will leave sweet memories in your mind for ever more. And BAM something happens to completely ruin your road trip. It is no more just you, your car, your buddies and the road ahead. You get a flat tire or you hit a tree trunk on the way. If you think that is the worst that could end up happening to you on your road trip, you need to think again!

We have compiled a list of the worst possible things that happened to some really really unfortunate people completely ruining not only their dream plans ahead but their their cars along the way.