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Which Car Would You Buy If Won A $90 Million Jackpot?


Life works in mysterious ways. One day you are dead broke and the next your luck just might turn and you become filthy rich and unable to even recognize your previous life. That is how it comes with life itself and you never know where the road you are traveling will take you ultimately. The decent thing is to stay humble and not let the succes get to your head otherwise it wont be too long before you take a nosedive and you are left with nothing but your broken face. Something like that is what crossed my eyes this morning and left as satisfying smile on my face.

A woman recently won a jackpot worth $90 million and her life has taken a 180 degree turn. She can get a Mercedes, a Bugatti, a Rolls Royce and many others in just a moment but she stays true to her roots and opts for a simpler way. Her aim is to get herself a Subaru Forester. Now with the amount of money that she has she can get herself 4500 Subaru Foresters but the woman has a smart brain. She plans and hopes to buy herself a private island where she can take her new wheels out for a drive. Now that is MY kind of smart thinking. Any car can take you any where but on your own private island? That’s a first!