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Why Buy A Car When You Can Ride A Bicycle?


When it is all about cars everywhere, I want to tell you about the life in Japan. There are a huge chunk of people here who love to ride bicycle. It is because of this our bank balance multiply and we are as healthy as youth of different countries.

Bank Balance


The bank balance multiplies because of the additional cost of fuel is reduced to minimal. The maintenance cost is also next to zero, and like a typical small family culture in Japan we are able to have quality transportation option. In many families there are bicycles available for each family member making it the best family time one could ask for.


The health is at the best as sugar, blood pressure and heart is in good conditioning, making the performance at work perfected. As our boss even comes on bicycle so they know if somewhere there is bike jam or something. It even makes the overall environment get better with low area requirement on road for traveling.

I bought a new car five months before, but I like many of my neighbors have driven it once or twice only. Now I will be sending it in auction, as for my country bicycle is better option than car. Most of the Japanese buy it because of tax incentive given by our government. We prefer bicycle on car, that is the reason we play a great role in providing used car to the world in quality that is unmatched.