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Winter Is Coming And It’s Time To Prep Your Car!


The time every driver is dreading is coming sooner better than later. Areas which are usually snow covered and experience ice rains have torrential conditions which are not only risky but potentially life threatening due to numerous reasons. One of the most threatening actions in such a weather is the process of driving a vehicle which can break down at nay time under the harsh conditions of immense cold and bad weather. In order to survive the harsh blast of ice and snow while driving you need to be fully prepared in case of any kind of vehicle emergency.

One of the first steps to make sure of is to keep a handful of important entities close by in case of nay kind of emergency. It is most important to have a scraper, fresh windshield wipers, ice melting fluid, a pair of thick gloves, a reflective triangle and vest, rock salt and shovel. These things will ensure that you can take care of your car in case of rains, snow or ice. Also there should be an ample supply of tools like the wrench, extra batteries, power bars, overnight bag with your necessities in it and duct tape.