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With 50 Cent As Your Dad It Is No Surprise That You Get A Mercedes Benz On Your 2nd Birthday!


I cannot for the life of me remember what i ever did or got on my first 5 birthdays. I have no recollection of the day nor the cakes nor the celebrations and definitely none of the gifts i even got or did not get or whether someone even bothered to throw me a birthday at all in the first place. Well that is the reality for almost everyone who lives on the planet. Well i did say ALMOST!

50 cent who is one of the most famous and well known musicians of our time is nothing short of a super star. The talented rapper has the fame, the fortune and the family and when these things combine together they form kind of a weird situation that us common folk will hardly understand. On his son’s second birthday, 50 cent got him an actual customized kid car Mercedes Benz! The kid probably does not even know what a Mercedes Benz is and if he does take after my nephew would be deathly scared of lights and sounds at this age. Well it never to early to get the taste of the luxury your life has for you in the future. Happy Birthday kiddo and look forward to the helicopter you are going to get next year!