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WOAH! What Does One Do When Lightning Hits Your Car!!!

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There are numerous incidents that happen on the road on daily basis that have become to order fo the day and just wont even surprise us anymore. Numerous death occur due to high speeding, drunk driving, driving under the influence or loosing control over the vehicle. But what would you do if your car got hit by lightning and you lived to tell the tale? Well that’s exactly what happened to Al and Betty Perry, an old couple who experienced the horrifying event.


Traveling on at 14 highway at a speed of 108 km/hour a gray pickup truck experienced what it never would have imagined. It got hit by a lightning which engulfed the vehicle in a fire ball and shot out at the back of it. 2 massive craters mark the exact spots where the lightning struck. After the Chevy Truck got hit several air bags deployed to save the lives of the elderly couple where as the metallic body was left rippled by the surge and the heat. Not only this but smoke started filling up which made it impossible to breathe or see what was happening or where the truck was going along with the inability to hear anything due to the heavy ringing in the ears. Parts of the car had partially melted and the electric system got fried during the event. It was fortunate that help came along almost instantly otherwise they would have been stuck inside a melted car and died of suffocation.