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Woman Faints At Traffic Light After Witnessing Cat Driving A Car!


The internet is full of shocking and hilarious compilations that will leave you laughing all day long. It is full of secrets that are pouring to come out. With the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter  there connectivity between users all over the world has become exceptionally easy within a matter of seconds. Anything happening 7 seas apart will be in your knowledge the very next second. All it takes is a click of a button and you’re good to go.

One of the most hilarious yet shocking news we have come across involves a lady, a cat and a car. It came as one of the most shocking things that Mrs. Raghunath had ever seen in her life when she stopped at the red light waiting for it to turn green so she could go to the mall for shopping. However the day had a lot more in store for her. Another car pulled right beside the lady’s vehicle which was a sleek stylish new sedan. However the occupant on the driving seat was a cat wearing John Lennon shades. The woman let out a shrill loud shriek and fainted on spot. According to the woman the only thing she remembers before blacking out was the cat rolling down the window and winking at her. The onlookers ran to the woman’s vehicle but the Cool Cat had already gone. Lets see who is next in line for fainting at the sight of the cat behind a wheel.