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Woman Stuck In Car Wreck For 18 Hours Found VIA ‘Find My iPhone App’!


The age that we live in has witnessed the most amount of technological development than that experience in any other moment in time. The technological advancements are beyond human comprehension and just await to wow us with their usage and capabilities. However there are certain number of people who are resistant to such changes and try to keep close to their roots and away from technological usage. We might agree to this to an extent but the recent piece of news that crossed out paths has made us an avid supporter of technology in our lives.

A woman recently in a car wreck in California was trapped at the bottom of a 500 deep ravine in her car. After she failed to get home, her family reported her missing to the police and the officer came over to talk to the family. Failing to reach her phone and determine the location of the vehicle, the officer who is also kind of a tech genius used the woman’s iPad to log into the application for ‘Find my iPhone’ and to determine the location fo the phone through this tracker. Soon enough the location was found and the woman was rescued and is found to be in a stable condition. Kudos for technology and its perks!