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Woman’s Mummified Body Found 5 Years After Her Death And No One Knew!


The age of the internet never ceases to amaze me every single day. The moment i wake up i access my smart phone for the daily updates on numerous news sites. Not a single day goes by when i don’t find something shocking that drops my jaw to the floor just imagining how this could actually happen. The piece of news today left me feeling very very cold. How can a person be so insignificant and lonely that their absence was not felt by literally anyone in the world? No family no friends no coworkers no one? This makes this world seems like a very lonely and sad place.

A woman in Michigan must have gone through this ordeal of loneliness. A few days ago a mummified body of a woman living in Michigan was found inside her car which was locked up in her garage 5 years after her death. The online payments to her bank did not alert the authorities since they thought she was well and paying her dues. However when the money ran out and failure to pay any heed to the warning letters by the bank, an official of the bank finally came to visit the lady who could not be found and the house was full of black mold. After further looking she was found dead inside her locked car. The neighbors said that the women frequently traveled and they mowed her lawn to keep the look of the street clean. If that is not sad, i don’t know what is.