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Worst Car Factories In The History Of Automobiles!


In every matter is life, every strong presence and for anything of value there is always: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The automobile industry can relate to this phrase as any other business sector. Since the advent of automobile industry, the technological progress experienced by this sector has been legendary. The growth and progress has been experienced by leaps and bounds and are highly affective in changing our lives day in and day out. With the recent announcement of the self driving cars, one of the oldest most awaited application is being made possible. It is not far away that the flying car concept will become a reality in itself as well. However the most important factor in this regard are the places or the factories where the implementation and production are made possible. It is of highest importance that such factories be safe, secure and do not result in harming the environment through any medium possible. The reputation of the companies are on line with the business processes being carried out at the facilities. We have compiled a list of worst ever car factories that have now been tarnished physically and from the minds of the people as well.

British Leyland Longbridge


The DeLorean Plant In Dunmurry


Rootes Group Linwood




VW Westmoreland


GM Fremont


Alfa Romeo Pomigliano d’Arco


GM Norwood Assembly


Detroit Chrysler


Kragujevac Zastava Factory