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Would You Steal The Same Ferrari Twice?


The way the human mind works can never be completely understood even after thorough research and detailed study that could last for centuries. The element of surprise and utter shock will always be there to make us believe in the force greater than us. The same thing can be said about the element of stupidity of the human mind. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This does not do justice to the shocking news we come across on daily basis and are left with our jaws dropping to the floor at the dumbfound happening on daily basis.


One such piece of news is that of a guy who got caught stealing the same Ferrari – TWICE! Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles was arresting last week for stealing a $250,000 Ferrari. However the individual in question pleaded to not guilty of car theft at the moment. A few days later the same Ferrari was reported missing and upon investigation it was found driving by with the same man behind the wheel who was arrested for stealing it in the first place. What made the individual tempted enough to steal the same car twice is beyond comprehension but he should be jailed and made to do some time in prison for plain old stupidity.