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You Better Keep Those Hands On The Wheel!!


The technological development experienced in the past few years is more than the whole combined before. The technology and innovation is growing with leaps and bounds ensuring that no area and no industry is left untouched. Things we had to do manually is just a click of a button away. No matter how far we are, we can get in touch with our loved ones through just one video call. We have vehicles that can transform into airplanes working efficiently as both. In just a few years we’ll just sit back and relax and let robots do all the work.

The automotive industry has been revolutionized by the use of technology as well. We have self driving vehicles, connecting cars, steering less vehicles and what not and now we have an in car messaging system by the name of DRIVE which will actually tell us to keep our hands on the wheel when it senses we are distracted and are not holding the steering wheel responsibly. The system will detect through infrared beams whether we are correctly holding the steering wheel at all times. If not it will blast attention grabbing audio messages in the car telling us to better keep our eyes on the road and those hands on the wheel. It will just be like my mother sitting on the front passenger seat shouting at me to drive carefully at all times. What a blessing indeed. Pun intended!