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You Can Buy The First Ever Batmobile Now!


We are the generation that has grown up with allot of changes and inventions and yet there are somethings which are so ingrained in the core of our hearts that there is no replacing them. We are the ones that have gone from Atari to Nintendo, from Nintendo to Sega, from Sega to Play Station and from Play Station for cyber gaming. We know have Kindles instead of physical books and yet it is the comics that are always there never replaceable.

So for all the comic geeks like me who can never replace the love in their hearts for it from any other, here is the great piece of news which will make your day. The first ever Bat-mobile is now for sale and it is being made available to any one and everyone who comes forward with the right offer. Now have we not imagined ourselves in the driving seat of the famous Bat mobile of the caped crusader with Bat girl or Robin by our side? Well those two are not part of the deal so we would gladly take the vehicle alone. However the opening bid of the famous 4 wheeler is $90,000. There goes our dreams of owing the beauty of the windows. I hear you laughing at me Joker. Uncool.