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You Won’t Believe How Much Rich People Spend On Cars!


Its a mad mad world out there. The rich keeps getting richer and the poor keeps getting poorer. What we cannot fathom is the fact that the disparity between the two is too large for our own goods. On one side is the economic downturn where majority of the people all over the world are living well below the poverty line and then there is this other segment that only keeps getting the highest cut and their share well beyond their own measure.

One simple fact that will highlight the difference in the purchasing powers of the two is that in 2014 the global expenditure on luxury good was $1.1 trillion. Out of this huge and incomprehensible amount, $431.8 billion is spent solely on luxury cars. The automobile industry is one booming business for the rich that keeps on giving and the rich just keep on spending over. The global condition being that most of the people are unable to purchase a vehicle on their own and have to commute using public transportation while such kind of extravagant behaviour can be seen as well. That is the kind of a sad world that we live in.