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You Wouldn’t Expect An Elephant To Pet Your VW Hatchback!


The day you buy your very first vehicle you dream of having numerous adventures with your wheels. Its going to be your partner in crime, your life long side kick and you go to companion on any trip and any adventure you venture off to. In order to do you take care of it, you make sure all the hiccups and problems are eased out of its way so the both of you can have the time of your life. Well a family vacationing in Africa did not see something else coming in their way – An Elephant!


In one of the most shocking instances of a face off between the animal and the wild one would never have expected an elephant to have entered the ring. The occupants of the Volkswagen Polo found themselves in an unfortunate situation when they got stuck in a situation in a wrong state at a wrong time. While vacationing in Africa they were resting in their parked car inside when out of the blue a giant elephant decided that petting the Volkswagen Polo would be a good idea. The elephant leaned down to rub itself against the bonnet and the roof instantly crashing the chassis and bursting the tires. While the occupants held on to dear life inside the car, a photographer nearby captured the once in a life time moment in the most epic ways. That must have been a vacation of a lifetime indeed.