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Your Cars Should Be On Talking Terms With Other Cars!


The automotive industry is going through a technological revolution all over the world. With major inventions being carried out on daily basis including unimaginable entities like Google’s self driving vehicle, self parking vehicles, steering less automobiles and numerous more. The next on the check list is probably the flying and swimming cars that will make our wildest dreams come true.

However the aim before that is to make cars aware of each other on the road. In short it means you have to buckle up tight and let all cars socialize with each other to determine the position and situation they are in at the moment with the Government supporting this cause.  In the University of Michigan a program has been developed and testes that allows vehicles to be more aware of each other on the road by communicating. The situational awareness will allow the vehicle to prepare itself and contain the situation of emergency if it is to happen. Technologies such a crusie control, collision avoidance, lane awareness and self parking will become a lot more automated and safe with the information of nearby vehicles.