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Your New Ride To Work – SUITCASE SCOOTER!!!


Yes you read THAT right. Apparently taking the bus or a taxi or a car to work in now old school. No more do you have to take the long hassle of standing on the bus or the subway or wait for a seat to get free while you eye the people sitting and cannot wait for them to get up. The cure to all your problems is one of the cheapest most reliable and easy way that has been found at the inventor of a vehicle who is equipped with primary school education.

A Chinese man He Liangcai, of Changsha, Hunan province has invented the next big thing – A SUITCASE SCOOTER! His ingenuous invention can go up to 12 mph and covers a distance of 37 miles on a single charge of its fitted Lithium battery. Not only that but the cozy vehicle is fitted with a GPS and a burglar alarm. That implementation was a very fine decision on the inventor’s part as the vehicle would be an attractive entity and will be eyed by all kinds of people due to its exceptional feasibility. The inventor recently got a patent for his invention after working 10 years on this project. The man has finally shown us how we should all roll.