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Full article:IIHS Watches The Vehicle Safety

IIHS Watches The Vehicle Safety

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an organization that works to determine safety ratings of any vehicle. It plays a vital role in figuring out crystal-clear facts about crashworthiness. This non...

Full article:Japan Gift Mobile Mosque Unveiled

Japan Gift Mobile Mosque Unveiled

You have probably witnessed different box-on-wheels projects, but you have never ever thought about a worship place on the wheels. Surprisingly, a Japanese automotive company Yasu Project has recently launched...

Full article:The Special Class Nelson Mandela Car

The Special Class Nelson Mandela Car

Nelson Mandela Car is known among unknown. The car that has been associated with leaders, the one who recognized and celebrated the black labor union existence has a globally acknowledge Sonderklasse (German o...

Full article:Jaguar E-type As Royal Wedding Car

Jaguar E-type As Royal Wedding Car

Royal Wedding has always received a serious media airtime as all eyes are speculated over the subject of couple’s nuptials, some limelight was experienced by Jaguar E-type as royal wedding car too. The celebra...

Full article:Green Car- An Implicit Alternate for Classic Car Lovers

Green Car- An Implicit Alternate for Classic Car Lovers

Green Car are considered a savior, as rapid climatic change has posed severe threats to the environment and cycle of nature. Urbanization is making substantial contribution to global warming, greenhouse effect...