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Full article:Japanese vs American Cars: The Clash of Titans
Feature- Japanese vs American Cars

Japanese vs American Cars: The Clash of Titans

We all are human beings, distinct by default, believe it or not, but differences define beauty. Have you ever thought about why some cars are different from the others? Why Japanese cars are more preferable th...

Full article:Car Vending Machine: Bringing an Innovative Approach
Car Vending Machine

Car Vending Machine: Bringing an Innovative Approach

What clicks in your mind first when you think of vending machines? Certainly a place to get soda, chips or daylight pop. But have you ever wondered of a Car Vending Machine that typically offers up Mercedes, B...

Full article:Preventive Measures Taken By Used Car Importing Countries

Preventive Measures Taken By Used Car Importing Countries

Escalating demand of private vehicle registration has been witnessed since last decade in leaps and bounds, especially in developing countries. Due to this growing trend, used car importing countries buy the v...

Full article:Kiki Challenge and the Safety Concerns

Kiki Challenge and the Safety Concerns

Imagining a person immediately getting out the car and dancing on the road may seem eccentric but this challenge has taken the internet by storm at the moment. Thousands of people are going gaga over the viral...

Full article:Japan Gift Mobile Mosque Unveiled

Japan Gift Mobile Mosque Unveiled

You have probably witnessed different box-on-wheels projects, but you have never ever thought about a worship place on the wheels. Surprisingly, a Japanese automotive company Yasu Project has recently launched...

Full article:Futuristic Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Vans

Futuristic Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Vans

The autonomous self-driving cars are considered to be the future of mobility. The technological advancement has provoked us to foresee a dystopian future that would eliminate the human element. Following the n...

Full article:The Special Class Nelson Mandela Car

The Special Class Nelson Mandela Car

Nelson Mandela Car is known among unknown. The car that has been associated with leaders, the one who recognized and celebrated the black labor union existence has a globally acknowledge Sonderklasse (German o...

Full article:Amateur Mechanics Turn Used Cars into Mutants

Amateur Mechanics Turn Used Cars into Mutants

People customize their cars to reflect their individuality or they are dedicated to customizing for sake of art. Car artistry is no longer an unexplored arena. There are global events and festivals dedicated t...

Full article:SOS-Recycle Cars

SOS-Recycle Cars

The drastic changes in the global climate have seriously become the impending threats to our Mother Earth. So we need to Save Our Souls (SOS) by coming with right strategy to cater. As the population is increa...

Full article:Awe-Inspiring Truck House Rehabbed

Awe-Inspiring Truck House Rehabbed

You might have known that the trucks are used to carry load, stuff, and luggage but you wouldn’t have ever imagined that this vehicle also serves to be a medium of portable homes. The modular homes are constru...