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Full article:Most Reliable Used SUV for Families
suv for famillies

Most Reliable Used SUV for Families

Buying a car has always been a big deal. Whether you’re planning to use all your savings or buying a car using an auto loan, you must be careful while choosing the right vehicle. We are sure you want to enjoy ...

Full article:Why is Drowsy Driving Dangerous?
why drowsy driving is dangerous

Why is Drowsy Driving Dangerous?

From the minute you learn how to drive, the first thing your instructor tells you to do is to stay alert and active when you’re behind the wheel. Every driver must realize that one wrong move can cause harm fo...

Full article:Reasons that Make New Tires Leak Air
why tires leak air

Reasons that Make New Tires Leak Air

Once you buy a car, you’ve to spend a lot of time and money maintaining its interior and exterior. If you don’t, you’ll have to deal with several issues later down the road. It can be costly as well as time-co...

Full article:Helpful Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers
Helpful Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers

Helpful Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers

All over the world, parents with toddlers are aware of the difficulties they face during road trips with a toddler. Mostly, parents wince on the term road trip as they do not want their fun trip to turn into a...

Full article:Customer’s Testimonial from Mozambique

Customer’s Testimonial from Mozambique

Dear SBT, SBT Provide very Beautiful Cars, Quick Shipment, Good Service , We all are Very Pleased Performance of the work of Sbt japan. I like very much my beautiful car Vitz. god bless you SBT. I Still have SBT Sticker on my Car screen, many people ask very good car. Regards from Mozambique Gito...

Full article:Read Customer’s Testimonial from Uganda

Read Customer’s Testimonial from Uganda

Am called NAKKOMO JACENT from JACENT INVESTMENTS, UGANDA, I Have been working with SBT COMPANY on behalf of my clients for almost two years. All my clients are satisfied with the cars i buy from SBT (GOOD, CLEAN AND EXCELLENT CONDITION). No other company cares about it’s clients like SBT, they are always giving in...