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Chevrolet Incorporates Baby Monitor In The Car!


With the recent havoc of people leaving their children in the car that has resulted in numerous deaths all over the world, the automobile companies are stepping forward to take initiative for child safety themselves. In cases where parents through no mistake of their own some how forget their children in the vehicle, they need to be reminded of their responsibilities during their busy and hectic schedule. In order to do so there was a dire need on the part of the automobile companies to incorporate some kind of technology in their vehicles that would make this concept possible.

Chevrolet has come forward with the concept of baby monitors in cars that would provide the exact services the parents or guardians need. Not only will the monitor keep its eyes on the child ensuring its safety but initially it was introduced as a service to keep eyes on the car while it is in the hands of a valet or someone else. This allows the owner to enjoy the peace of mind and the opportunity to have control over any kind of situation. The actual implementation for the dire need of guidance and look out for children is till to be made and has not yet been done so.