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Jaw Dropping Facts About Cars You Have Probably Never Heard Before

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01. Currently there are around one billion cars in use on the roads and almost one lac and sixty five thousand cars are manufactured daily in the world.

02. When Hitler was in prison he wrote a letter to a Mercedes dealership and begging for a car loan.

03. Your car looks simple. Right? Well, an average car has more than thirty thousand parts.

04. Almost 75% of the Roll Royce’s cars that has been ever manufactured are still on the roads.

05. In America on an average a person spends almost 38 hours per year stuck in the traffic.


06. The very first car accident was occurred in Ohio back in 1891.

07. When a car introduced with the feature of radio for the first time, some countries wanted to ban it because according to them it could cause accident and distract drivers.

08. In Russia it is crime to drive around a dirty car.

09. There are much more cars in Los Angeles than people.

10. The Ford GT was the strongest car that it broke the crushing machine during the test of roof crush.

11. An Egypt president assist building an Arab car named the Frisky.

12. If you hold a car key fob near to your head it doubles the range since the human skull acts as an amp.