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Last Minute Items That Can Make Or Break Your Trip!

Imagine a road trip vacation that you have been planning for what seems like forever. You book a hotel, chalk out all the details, make sure you have everything you need, look up the activities you’ll participate it, have the most exquisite cuisine imaginable and above all relax when all things go right. No hassle no worries and you’re good to go and let the fun begin. Now you’re on the road having the time of your life when your car crashed down and all the plans go up in smoke. You have no idea what went wrong, how it went wrong and most importantly what are you going to do about it. In order to keep your dream vacation from going down the drain it is advised to check a couple of last minute things before embarking on a road trip. These quick tips will not only take minimal time but will make sure that you along with your trustee car make the trip with safety without any physical or emotional breakdowns from either party. Below is a list of activities that you must make sure are ticked on your check list and you’re in for the time of your life!

1. Prompt Battery Maintenance  AND Check The Car’s Fluid Levels


2. Check Your Spare Tire & Tighten the Lug Nuts


3. GPS and Physical Maps WITH Tool Kit



4. Lights and Wiper Blades Check AND Electronic and Tune Check


5. Odds and Ends

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6. Check The Tire Pressure



7. Vehicle Registration Papers