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Pope Uses Small Wheels As His Traveling Companion!

Pope Francis in a Kia Soul

Being placed on one of the most famous positions in the world, the Pope is used to having all eyes on him. Whether it be other papal personnel or millions of his well wishers the Pope rarely finds alone time where he can enjoy his peace and quiet. It is in his job description that he must make himself available to everyone all the time and with the modern media on his tail it gets easier to do so.

The pope made a recent 5 day visit to South Korea following his holy duties and humanitarian causes. The choice of wheel for such a big man was a small vehicle which shocked a lot of big shots who are used to traveling in luxury premium vehicles. The man who is famously known as the “People’s Pope” made the choice of traveling in a down to earth Kia Soul to gain minimal attention and not flaunt his stature and position. Pope Francis’s humble appearance and demeanor has made him people’s favourite and attracted numerous supporting and appreciative comments. The company proudly tweeted that “The Pope travel in Soul because he is full of soul!”. Now that is great marketing.