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Reasons that Make New Tires Leak Air

why tires leak air

Once you buy a car, you’ve to spend a lot of time and money maintaining its interior and exterior. If you don’t, you’ll have to deal with several issues later down the road. It can be costly as well as time-consuming. So, always pay close attention to different parts of your vehicle, interior, and exterior.

Tires are the most important part of an automobile. Likewise, they require a lot of attention and care. That’s why the experts suggest choosing a car considering its tire types to ensure the experience you seek. However, almost every driver has experienced a flat tire at some point. It’s an unfortunate situation, which cannot always be avoided.

Many drivers do not know how to detect, prevent, or address the issue of tires leaking air. If one of your tires is deflated again, we understand how irritating it is to stop again to fill an under-inflated tired. But is the same thing happening despite having new tires?

So, before anything else, focus on finding out the reason that makes the brand new tire losing air pressure.

Reasons for Brand New Tire Losing Air Pressure

The performance of an automobile highly depends on the quality of its tires. The right tire pressure significantly influences performance, durability, and fuel economy. In many cases, people face problems due to reduced tire pressure.

In brand new tires, slow leaks are more common. It means that the tires lose air gradually over a period. It’s often difficult to detect slow leaks as these do not cause sudden changes in the performance of tire pressure. Also, these do not cause any hissing noises that trouble the driver or passengers. However, these are hazardous and can cause complete damage to the tires. In addition, the decreasing pressure is more likely to cause a blowout.

Is your brand new tire losing air pressure? We know this might be frustrating for you. Mostly, the slow leaks are difficult to realize. There’s no obvious damage to the tire’s rubber in this case. Also, you won’t find any nails or glass sticking out your tire. Despite this, the slow leaks also eventually lead causes a flat tire.

1.    Defected Air Valve

A defective air valve results in a brand new tire losing air pressure. These cracks lead to quick air loss, loss of control, and car crashes. It mostly happens when driving at high speed or when cars have faulty valve stems.

The valve stems are made from rubber. Hence, these deteriorate over time. Also, these get damaged after getting hit by any big rock or curb. In some cases, the automatic car brush also harms the valve stems. Therefore, the experts suggest that the valve stems in the tires must always be clean and should be kept tight enough.

Additionally, we found that the stems deteriorate as they are exposed to many harsh chemicals.

2.    Improper Seal

Many times, the automakers do not seal the tires properly. Hence, we hear people often complaining that their brand new tires are losing air pressure. The automakers often fail to clean the seal properly before placing it. Or they fail to remove the label that does not let the tires seal rightly.

Additionally, there might be a problem with the rim, which becomes why brand new tires are losing air pressure. Hence, the drivers should check their rims for rust, warping, corrosion, or cracks.

3.    Temperature Change

Whenever there is a dramatic change in the temperature, it leads to a brand new tire losing air pressure. The experts claim that in cold weather, air molecules become denser. As a result, the overall air pressure in the tires reduces and causes tire leaking air.

Therefore, the reports show that the dropping temperature results make the tires lose 1 PSI for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it’s best to keep your cars in the garage during winters.

4.    A Ripped Tire

Driving a car with a ripped tire is very unsafe. We’ve seen people worrying about ‘why is my tire leaking air’ as they fail to find out their tires are torn or ripped. When the rip is on the sidewall, it causes a new tire leaking air when you continue driving on a weakened tire.

Therefore, the moment you feel a problem with the tire, get it checked. Even if there’s a minor leak, it can be dangerous for you.

5.    Rim Issues

Even brand new tires can have rim issues. Why? Because the automakers were not careful enough. As soon as corrosion between the rim and tire bead increases, it becomes the reason for a brand new tire losing air pressure.

The car experts believe that the wheel porosity is often ignored. It’s when the air leaks through the rim. It’s commonly a result of corrosion or poor casting, which occurs because of incorrect wheel weights. Hence, you’ll have to lean out the tires for the tires leaking air because of rims. Don’t use the tire sealants to fix leaky rim.

6.    Bead Leak

The point at which the tires connect themselves with the rim is a bead. In older or new tires, the case of dry rot is common, which results in decreased elasticity. As a result, the seal weakens, and the beads get damaged. It also occurs when the tires are mounted or dismounted without using a tire lube.

Therefore, the bead leak results in a brand new tire losing air pressure. However, fixing the beads is not an easy option. Hence, the experts suggest getting a new tire instead.

7.    Sharp Objects

When driving on roads, it’s common to run over sharp objects. These can puncture a tire. Even a tiny nail can result in a brand new tire leaking air. Thus, you’ll have to get it repaired immediately, or it can leave lasting damage to the wheels.


8.    Gas Leaks

The gas leaks in the cars can cause the brand new tires to lose air. Therefore, it decreases the overall tire tension. It can happen either very slowly or very quickly. Hence, it’s best to keep an eye on this and get your car repaired if there is any gas leak.

How to Avoid New Tires Leaking Air Issue?

If you want to ensure your safety while driving, it’s necessary to maintain a stable tension and air pressure in the tires. Here are some ways to help you maintain the pressure level and avoid any leakage:

  • Use the cold test method – when the temperature drops, check the tension immediately.
  • Check regularly – Your car is a big investment. So, check the vehicle’s tension regularly and see any leakage.
  • Use a standard tension gauge – It’ll help determine the exact tension level.

Once you determine the pressure, it’s best to get your tire repaired. Of course, it’s best to avoid driving a car with tire leaks, or else it can increase the risk of accidents. But, we’re sure you don’t want to take that risk. So, try your best to find the problem and get it fixed.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the tubeless wheels hold air better. These also last longer. However, we have seen that even brand new tires losing air pressure have become a common issue these days. We’ve listed some of the most common reasons that make new tires leaking air. Consult a professional and skilled mechanic and get it fixed if you’re also facing a similar problem.

When driving a car, one cannot always avoid brand new tires losing air pressure. If you face a tire leaking air problem, it’s best to look for the cause and apply the possible solutions accordingly. You might need to replace your tires with new ones in most cases. It’s a costly option, but it’s better to know that it’s not safe to drive with tires leaking air.