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Tesla- The Love Of Technology

Tesla has gotten instant success with the launch of technology that makes it a true conquerer. It has cashed the market of technology lovers by providing all in one on single screen. With features and drive completely supported during the process. The taste of new generation is experienced with Tesla, the true fighter.

Launched in a cut throat competition era, Tesla had to carve niche so it introduced a screen operated driving experience with everything managed on the go. Whether it is the headlight beam to the lane changing everything is done to perfection, without need of much exertion on par. To top it all the technology is made friendly enough that can be comprehended with ease.

With growing time Tesla is becoming best among the rest with its feature that is further improving to a new level. The technology lover are desperately putting their budget together to buy one of these.

Check video to find out what people says about the vehicle

The Tesla Test Drive by WSJ_Live