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The Ferrari World- UAE Amusement Park

Ferrari is an Italian brand of luxury cars. It has the history back in 1929 when its company was founded. It has done a lot to maintain a good image in the mind of customers. It represent passion, fun and adventure.

It is because of this basic philosophy that we see a whole different meaning to the vehicle given by usage as a source of entertainment. Yes, Now the Ferrari has converted into an amusement park experience in Dubai. Having the models redesigned for Marry go Round type rides, the Ferrari World in UAE is providing a virtual driving experience to masses.

Here one can feel driving Ferrari as video game with the physical experience also intact. The overall Park is aesthetically pleasing with infrastructure representing a Formula one Stadium.

It is a unique experience and only time will tell that what more Ferrari Fans do to cash the experience and pride of driving a Ferrari, even if it is not that real.

Click the video link to find more about this Amusement Park.

Ferrari World- UAE Amusement Park