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5 Reasons Why Your Car Engine Overheats

5 reason car engine overheat

Car engines tend to produce a lot of heat when they operate which is why cars have radiators next to them that are filled with coolant. The coolant goes around the engine and absorbs its heat then redistributes it into the radiator where it cools down and then the cycle starts all over again. In a normally functioning system the car should not be overheating, but in the case that your car is frequently overheating, then there may be something wrong that you need to get checked. If you are looking to buy used cars for sale in Mozambique then you need to check if the engine is working properly or not. If the car engine is overheating, there may be one of the following reasons behind it:

1. Water Pump Has Failed:

Bad water pump

The water pump is the center of the engine’s cooling system and is responsible for distributing water throughout the system constantly which helps affect the coolant flow rate. If the water pump is not operating properly then the check engine light will immediately turn on. In this case, you should check under your car for any leaks or take it to your nearest mechanic to be inspected.

2. Low Levels of Coolant:

Low coolant level

Just like the oil in your engine needs to be rechecked and has to be in good condition, so does the engine coolant. In the case of the engine coolant leaking, you will see white colored exhaust smoke, which indicates an internal coolant leak and may be the result of a cracked cylinder head.

3. Failed Thermostat:

Bad thermostat

The thermostat works to detect the temperature of your car engine and if the engine gets too hot it sends an alert to the cooling system. This is why it is essential to have the thermostat in perfect working condition so it keeps regular checks on the engine’s temperature. If your check engine light is on then there may be a problem with your thermostat in which case you need to take prompt measures to prevent further issues from happening. Examples of such issues can be boiling coolant or blowing a cylinder head or a gasket which are all more expensive problems than getting the thermostat fixed.

4.Dirty Air Filter:

Dirty air filter

If you are looking for used vehicles for sale, then one of the things you should be checking in the car is its air filters. It may seem like a minor detail but these filters help the engine cool down faster or slower depending on what shape they are in. A car’s air filters work the same way as home AC filters and they need to be changed quite frequently in order to keep them fully functioning. When the filter is dirty or old, it may take more time to cool down your car as it is unable to pull air through it as a clean filter can. This then results in the engine overheating.

5. Loose or Broken Belt:

Broken water belt

The belt is what turns the water pump at the right speed to allow a constant flow of coolant in the cooling system. If this belt becomes loose or breaks then the system will not be able to work at its right, constant speed, and inconsistency in belt speeds may result in excessive or less coolant flow which in turn leads to an overheated engine.

While all these reasons may seem very complicated, you can prevent your car engine from overheating by consistently checking coolant levels, monitoring the thermostat while driving, and keeping an extra bottle of antifreeze and a gallon of water in your boot for emergencies.