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How Much Do Windshield Wipers Cost?

cost of windshield wipers

No one is unfamiliar with rain, floods, microbursts, and snowfall in the United States. However, if you’re driving in this weather, you must use your windshield wipers. Without proper, functional wipers, you won’t see clearly, which gets dangerous as the probability of accidents increases.

All over the world, we see people taking oil change and tire rotations very seriously. However, they often miss out on the importance of replacing windshield wipers when required. It’s high time that drivers realize how important windshield wipers are for their vehicles. It is also something that requires your attention and care.

If your windshield wipers make noises when you turn them on, it’s time to get new ones. But, do you have an inkling of how much windshield wipers cost? So, before buying, you might want to check the windshield wiper price and the available designs that are best for your car.

Read on to find more about how much do windshield wipers cost and how you can choose the right wipers for your automobile.

Why are Windshield Wipers Important?

Windshield wipers are a critical part of an automobile, especially if you live in a region that experiences a significant amount of rainfall or snowfall. These are designed specifically to wipe away snow and rain from the windshield. Without these, it is not easy to keep the windshield clean and clear. Can you imagine driving with a windshield with limited to no visibility due to rain, snow, or dust?

Wipers are attached to the windshield of your automobile with the wiper arms. Typically, there are one or two moving arms that fit in a V-shape. These link the wipers to the right and left sides together at the top.

The edge of the wiper is made of rubber or stainless steel. Therefore, it’s important to understand the kinds of available wipers, and not all are identical. So, you cannot expect every wiper to give you the desired performance.

It is estimated that the windshield wiper market is worth $1 billion worldwide. The figure puts into perspective the volume of windshield wipers produced and sold globally.

The Cost of Windshield Wipers

Before you start looking for windshield wiper costs, let us tell you that it’s not the most expensive part of your vehicle. Unfortunately, car owners let them get old and useless despite the low cost associated with replacing them. At the same time, some people unnecessarily buy the expensive ones without any research and evaluation of windshield wiper prices.

For your ease, we have put together this handy guide that will help you find the best windshield wipers without worrying about how much windshield wipers cost. However, when choosing a windshield wiper, don’t only focus on its type. It’s also essential to consider other variables like availability, durability, and performance in the long run.

Additionally, how much windshield wipers cost will also depend on the weather-specific conditions of your city. Most wipers are specifically rated to operate in certain weather conditions.

Windshield Wiper Price

Typically, windshield wiper costs depend on the type you are buying. It also is contingent on the vehicle style you have. Replacing the blade assembly of the rear and front wipers will cost you around $7 to $40. The prices fluctuate based on the size, brand, and category. In the case of luxury vehicles, you can get wipers ranging from $15 to $100.

The windshield wiper prices mostly include the installation costs and retaining clips. Even if you are an automotive enthusiast, you need to look for wipers that meet your car’s needs. In addition, consider the driving safety it offers by ensuring a clear view.

If you are trying to find out how much windshield wipers cost, you must look for how windshield wipers are categorized in your region. You’ll find the following three categories based on their functionality:

  • Racing wipers
  • All-season wipers
  • Winter wipers

All these are designed according to the weather conditions. The all-season wipers are costly as these are produced using synthetic rubber and coated beam blades. Also, you’ll find these in two configurations:

  • Bracket arm
  • Beam blades

Don’t Miss the Types of Windshield Wipers

Mainly, three types of windshield wipers are available in the market for automobiles. These include the following:

1.    Conventional

Conventional windshield wipers used to be common on new cars some years ago. However, these days the conventional ones are considered outdated. Therefore, new vehicles are now equipped with flat blades.

The conventional wipers feature a metal frame that supports a rubber blade. What makes it a preferred choice is its minimalism and stress-free accessibility. The best part is that conventional wipers are the most affordable ones.

When using conventional windscreen wipers, you can get a spoiler for the driver’s side and spray bar pods that include windscreen washer jets.

2.    Flat

Flat windshield wipers are also known as beam wipers. In these kinds of wipers, the metal frame has effectively been replaced with a hinge-less rubber strip. With time, these wipers got more attention as they went well with premium vehicles and became the standard choice.

New vehicles commonly have flat windscreen wipers, which consist of metal flexors that support the rubber part. Also, there is a full-length integrated spoiler that generates pressure by the airflow. Thus, it reduces the wind noise by creating a flatter aerodynamic shape.

3.    Hybrid

It’s understandable from the name; the hybrid windscreen wipers combine the flat and conventional ones. If you get the hybrid wipers, you can enjoy a flat appearance and aerodynamic properties.

Today, hybrid wipers are easily available. However, these cost more than the flat and traditional ones as they offer better performance and more benefits. For example, the full length of the blade reduces the wind lift. Therefore, it’s easier to maintain a downforce constantly.

Final Thoughts

Windshield wipers are highly beneficial as these not only prevent accidents but also keep the windscreen clean. In addition, the wipers clear off snow, rain, and dirt. It also consists of a washer. You can choose any of the types of windshield wipers according to your vehicle. However, before deciding, you must research and assess how much do windshield wipers cost.

A quick investigation and comparison can help in paying the right windshield wiper price. The information mentioned above about the windshield wiper costs can benefit you in making the right choices. It’s always recommended to opt for good quality over low price when it comes to windshield wipers.