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How to Fix a Deep Scratch on a Car?

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Sometimes, people can get their cars in an accident despite driving safely. We all know how upsetting it can be. Moreover, purchasing a car is a serious investment. Even if you choose a used car or a cheap one, you spend a lot of money on it. Hence, even a minor scratch can be annoying as it makes the car look ugly.

Maybe you were driving safely, but someone else’s clumsy driving left deep scratches on your car. Whatever the reason is, if you have any scratches, start looking for how to fix a deep scratch on a car. Some might suggest taking it to the auto repair immediately, while you might also consider some do-it-yourself tactics to fix it.

Here, we’ve got a list of some of the easy tips to help you answer how to fix a deep scratch on a car. These can help you deal with one of the irritating issues that also reduce the value of your vehicle.

How to Fix a Deep Scratch on a Car?

Once you see a scratch on your car, no matter how small it is, it’s the only thing that captures your attention. It’s not easy to leave a dent or scratch your vehicle. We all go through this. It’s normal. It’s known as the car scratch fever; you can read about it on the internet.

Vehicle scratches are very common as these occur more frequently than you believe. It’s not only because of careless driving. Sometimes, even the loose pebbles or any other car on the road can cause deep scratches. All we know is that it doesn’t look good. Also, it’s not easy to deal with it swiftly.

Before you begin your search on how to get rid of deep scratches on the car, follow these steps to prepare your car for car scratches repair:

  • Wash your car

For this, use a mild car shampoo easily available at any nearby store. Also, scrub using a microfiber cloth. Once it’s done, let it dry completely. Through this, the scratch will be more visible.

  • Assess the Scratch

At this point, you need to be very cautious while evaluating the depth of the scratch. Then, you can consult a skilled mechanic or auto repair shop if it’s too deep. Also, see how much they charge for a scratch-on car repair. Or else, you can follow the DIY procedures to fix scratches on the car.

  • Prepare the Area for Repair

Now, you’ll have to use masking tape and some paper to cover the areas surrounding the scratch. It will help in protecting the unaffected areas while repairing the scratch. It’s best to stay safe and mask off a larger area. After this, you can apply any DIY techniques provided below according to the depth of the scratch and available tools.

Once the car is prepared to fix the deep scratches, you must be sure to handle it. But, again, there is no rocket science involved in the method. All you need is a few tools and some understanding of how things can be managed appropriately. Here are some ways that can easily help in managing car scratches repair:

1.    Fix it with Sand

Once you have a scratch on your car, panic is normal. We’ve seen experts suggesting the use of sand to fix it. First, you have to wet the area around the scratch and use sandpaper. Rub it with sand lightly until it looks dull.

Now, the scratch would be no longer obvious. Then, use a microfiber towel and clean the surface. We believe this is the easiest way to get free of the scratch on the car.

2.    Paint

The finest way to fix a scratch on the car is to apply touch-up paint. It covers all the scratches thoroughly. These days, touch-up paint is easily available in every color. Hence, finding the one that matches your vehicle won’t be problematic.

Additionally, you can find spray paint or paint pens too. These are the latter applicators that make it easier to do the job. We understand that everyone’s not a painting expert. So, you can take your time and use paint sprays to have more control over the application.

But, before you use this trick, make sure that the paint matches well with your car. For this, you can experiment with it on a hidden area of your vehicle. Moreover, use some touch-up primer to prepare the surface first for the deeper scratches. It will help in ensuring that the paint lasts longer.

3.    Polishing Compound

From a nearby auto repair shop, you can buy the polishing compound. It can help in easily fixing scratches on the car. However, you have to apply the polish on a buff pad or use a microfiber cloth. So please don’t use your hand and avoid applying it directly to the car.

The best way to apply the polish is to use the right quantity. Using more of it can leave stains on your car. Hence, find the buff pads. These are available in different textures, shapes, and sizes. If you aren’t sure, you can watch YouTube videos. Or, follow the instruction on the polish kit. It’s best to read the instructions thoroughly and use the right amount accordingly.

Once it’s ended, you can use a squeegee or a clean fabric drenched in alcohol. Scour it all over the area to clean the surface. It will help in confirming that the area is uniformly colored and polished. It’s imperative to clean it as soon as you’re done before the polish gets dry.

4.    Scratch Repair Kit

If you’re worried about a scratch on a car, you need to visit the local stores and buy a scratch repair kit. It’s better than spending hundreds of dollars paying the mechanic. We’re certain you’ll discover a range of products that are explicitly designed for this purpose. Hence, select the one that suits your requirements.

Once you have the kit, follow its instructions to repair your car. It will also include a scratch remover in the form of polish. These can be applied directly to the scratch using a clean microfiber cloth or a buffing pad. It’s best to go the way the manufacturer recommends.

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that fixing a deep scratch on the car doesn’t need some very advanced tools or knowledge. Instead, a few do-it-yourself tips can help answer how to fix a deep scratch on a car. You can follow any of the ways revealed above to deal with it. These are all good to go. So, it’s best to choose the one you think is feasible for your car. Of course, your choice also relies on the availability of required tools for the process.

The best way is to assess the scratch to find out how deep it is before using any remedy. As a car owner, it’s ok to panic over a scratch, but you must know that these can be fixed. Of course, you can fix it yourself, too, by applying the right techniques. Still, if you want help to fix scratches on the car, you can visit your mechanic or any auto repair shop to get a scratch on car repair.