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Get Real About Fuel Economy and Engine

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High gasoline price and the deep desire to travel around the world is bringing high-gear hawking of the tech gadgets promising more mileage per gallon. There is a multitude of “plug-in” devices that can supposedly improve your car’s mileage and economy but actually none of them can work. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 100 such devices have been tested but none of them can significantly improve mileage. Anything helping you to focus on driving can help you to improve fuel economy in real time.

The Fuel Economy Boosters: Facts and Fictions

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Here are few common myths about tech gizmos enhancing fuel economy that requires a little clarification.

It is possible to use fuel-line magnets which will break up clumped fuel molecules to burn the gas efficiently. But the scientific explanation suggests gasoline molecules don’t clump up and they don’t respond to magnetic force. It is generally accepted belief that engine ionizers clip spark plugs. Which will ultimately increases the combustion efficiency but actually it can trigger the engine fire too.

Vehicles with manual transmissions are more fuel efficient is true to an extent. Recent advances in automatic transmission have eliminated the difference between automatics and the stick shifts.

Back in days of carburetor engine, air filters has significant contribution in mileage and economy. Where as in new cars, there is an automatic system to adjust the fuel air ratio. Now, these air filters can affect the overall performance and longevity, but won’t help in boosting in economy.

Plugging a device into the cigarette lighter to smooth out noise is another commonly practiced tactics improving economy. Yes, Hypermiling, a bunch of techniques, can help to bring significant improvement in you car’s mileage and economy. For example regular maintenance, properly inflated tires and aligned and balanced wheels are absolute foundations.


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Whether it is about families to enjoy long weekend or you have to manage the emergency with ease, owning a car is a privilege and a necessity. For ordinary folks the petrol price fluctuations, huge maintenance cost and instant fix-its are frustrating. Therefore it is important to bust the myths and learn the truth to enjoy the benefit of better mileage and enhanced fuel economy. Sometimes other creative ways are used for fuel-saving.