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Home On the Wheels

Home on the wheels shown as

Perhaps it is no more flabbergasting to reshape the vehicle in any way you want. But have you ever wondered about a house on moving wheels? One of the Campervan conversion firms has turned the ephemeral visualization into eternal reality.  The company developed a tiny home on the wheels, built on the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The nomenclature given to this masterpiece is Redwood King. The Bay Area residents stimulated the idea to restrain the high living expenses of beach sides. In addition to this, the van conversion into a sweet home is an optimistic sign for moveable residence in the near future.

Behind The Scenes

Sprinter Van moving on road highligted with greenary in background

Redwood King, a tiny home on the wheels was manufactured on using 300 years old Redwood tree. The company was founded in 2016, created its first venture for the co-founder Brando Nelson. It was his idea to come up with an alternative home to compensate for the Bay Area’s costly living prices. The 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was used in its built with a high top and 144-inch wheelbase. Therefore, this wooden-built tiny home lessens the high costs on the Bay Area. It comes equipped with all-terrain tires, letting the van to travel around the country roads.

Unique Features

The home on the wheels comprises of unique features. It sports a 144-inch wheelbase, all-terrain tires, and a high top. It gets a distinctive package including LED lights, a bed setup, a roof ventilation system, and a wheel hub box. Hence, the interior is adorned with the 300-year old Redwood tree, and this inimitable wood detailing can be witnessed across the campervan.  Hence, the vehicle has mattress inside and several amenities for general living needs. It also adds heating and showering options converting the van into a home sweet home.

Incredible Prospects Of Home On the Wheels

The back view and side view ofinterior

Well-finished cabinets, redwood finishes, and leather upholstery are the core competencies of this campervan. Redwood tree is used in making the cabinets and counter-tops. A nicely-built kitchen is also waiting for you, encouraging you to make some luscious food on the road. Inside the kitchen, you will find a mini-refrigerator and a propane stove-top. Glancing upon plumbing capabilities, it expands to outdoor shower and sink. The dinette area is amazing to play on. It doubles the gaming area and work-space for entertainment. You can convert this area into bed, if you want to have a deep sleep. Furthermore, it adds a surround sound system and 22-inches flat screen, synced with either a Mac or PC.

Powering the Wheels

Redwood King, a tiny home on the wheels runs in part on two 100-watt solar panels. Besides this, a heating system is typically a diesel-power unit of car. There are two marine-grade batteries along with a converter and battery pack. The four-cylinder engine is standard on this van, claiming incredible fuel economy and frugal performance.  Its light-weighted chassis and wooden furniture strategically balance the weight of the van. Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind, the driving performance and weight reduction.

Kitchen installed in Campervan

Summing up the article, we get to know that there is a dire need for such innovations in the automotive sector to meet conventional needs. Finally we can say, it is envisaged that we are going to have many more innovative vehicles like Redwood King in the near future.