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What Does It Cost to Replace Spark Plugs?

spark plugs

Do you realize how essential spark plugs are? They play a vital role in igniting the mixture of fuel and air in the engine’s combustion chamber. The resulting explosion drives the engine pistons, which generate the power that keeps the car running. Without functional spark plugs, your car will not be able to function.

If you are looking to replace your spark plugs, you need to know how much does it cost to replace spark plugs? Then, you can change it yourself without visiting a mechanic. However, if it’s bad and needs replacement, start looking for the procedure to change once you find the cost to replace spark plugs and wires.

Here, we have relevant and well-researched information about how much it costs to change spark plugs.

What Are Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs may be small, but they have an incredibly significant role in your car’s functions. If they are not working properly, your car won’t run at all.

The automobile engine consists of spark plugs. These create the spark that kindles the air and fuel within the car engine’s combustion chambers. The explosive reaction produces power in the engine. Spark plugs consist of electrical and timing equipment that power and make the spark. Overall, it forms the ignition system.

Further, spark plugs are created from extremely durable material. These are robust enough to stand millions and millions of blasts before needing replacement. However, at some point, you’ll have to swap them.

Haven’t you ever heard people complaining that their car engine has troubles or it’s not working at all? In such cases, it’s essential to replace the spark plugs as these might be generating smaller or weaker sparks. Therefore, resulting in reduced engine efficiency.

For the replacement, it’s better to focus on how much it costs to change spark plugs? If you have the requisite information and understanding, you can save money and bolster engine effectiveness.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Spark Plugs?

If you are speculating, how much does it cost to change spark plugs? Firstly, it depends on the type of spark plugs you need. Then, focus on finding out how much you’ll have to pay to get it fixed. Finally, the cost to replace spark plugs and wires relies on whether you choose an independent shop or a dealer.

Changing spark plugs does not require any expertise or skills. On the contrary, it’s an easy task. So, if you find a mechanic easily, it’s more convenient for you. Or else, you can also do the replacement yourself.

Approximately, for an 8-cylinder vehicle, the standard spark plugs price would be less than $10. However, if you choose an auto dealer, it will cost $175 to $240. It’s costly. However, at the dealers, you can find good-quality parts for your vehicle. They have specialized mechanics with the right capability and experience.

On the other hand, if you pick the independent auto mechanic shops, the spark plugs price would be around $115 to $140. Auto mechanics offer an easier process. They provide instant attention and services and make sure that the job is done in a few dollars. However, it is essential to search and find credible mechanics.

Lastly, if you plan to change the spark plugs yourself, you won’t have to think much about how much it costs to change them. The cost to replace spark plugs and wires yourself would be $50 to $65. All you’ll have to do is follow a DIY guide. If you have the experience, you can save both your time and money.


Don’t Miss the Easy Steps to Replace Spark Plugs

Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to replace your spark plugs easily. The overall process is simpler than sitting and wondering how much does it cost to replace spark plugs. If you have decided to manage it yourself, it’s better to learn how to do it.

Firstly, you must know that changing spark plugs is recommended after every 80,000 to 100,000 miles. It is because the Platinum and Iridium ones last long. Thus, all the new vehicles come with these plugs. However, on average, its life would be 11 years. So you may need to replace it far sooner.

The process has a few steps. First, you need the following things to manage the replacement:

  • New spark plugs
  • Spark plug socket
  • Hand tools
  • Anti-seize lube and dielectric grease

Here is the process:

Focus on safety first. Park your vehicle on a dry surface and make sure that the engine is cool. Then, clean the engine area to ensure that the dirt and debris don’t fall into the engine during the replacement. Now, check the repair guide and confirm the availability of resources required in the process.

After this, you’ll have to remove the spark plug wire by first removing the upper intake plenum. Once you have access, find the rubber spark plug wire. Be careful while removing it so that you don’t damage the rubber boot or tear the wire terminal.

Thirdly, you’ll have to remove the plug coils directly attracted to the plug end with a rubber insulator boot. Then, disconnect and remove using a screwdriver to unscrew it.

Now, install the new spark plugs. At this point, don’t forget to confirm that its number matches the box description. Then, inspect the new ones and ensure that these aren’t damaged.

Lastly, reinstall all the wires and coils. Connect them properly and reconnect the battery. Then, you can start the engine to confirm that you have done the job correctly.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that before you start looking for how much does it cost to change spark plugs, you need to know that the process can be done by yourself as well. The process itself is simple and requires only a few minutes. Hence, it’s better if you can do it yourself and save money.

Furthermore, if your spark plugs are damaged, it’s necessary to replace them instantly as your vehicle’s engine won’t run without them. Again, the information mentioned above about the costs and process can assist you in managing the process efficiently.