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Why are Japanese Used Cars So Popular?

why japanese cars are so popular

Innovation is the key to moving forward and ensuring sustainable growth. Overcoming challenges drives us to let our creativity take charge, go the extra mile and come up with out-of-the-box solutions.

Japan is the biggest supporter of innovations that can augment a nation’s industrial competitiveness. It has been the first in line for streamlining the development of high-end equipment that reshapes the view of traditional methods. This is the reason why they have been dominating the technological sphere and have a huge share in the automobile industry.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or not, you might have heard the name of the biggest Japanese automobile giants such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Nissan. People all around the world rely on these brands for the phenomenal affordability, ease of use, driving experience, innovation, safety, and comfort their cars offer. Here are some figures referenced from the production and sales report by Statista:

  • Honda accounts for the sales of 4.5 million automobiles and a revenue of 13.2 trillion Japanese yen in the fiscal year 2021.
  • Nissan accounts for 8 trillion Japanese yen in the fiscal year of 2020.
  • Toyota accounts for net revenue of 28 trillion Japanese yen in the fiscal year that came to an end in March 2021.
  • Mitsubishi generated a revenue of 15 trillion Japanese yen in 2020.

Asia and Africa import Japanese cars on a large scale as they are cheaper, more efficient, offer easy maintenance, and the seamless availability of spare parts without costing half of your life’s savings. The population of these regions imports vehicles for a wide range of commercial and transportation purposes.

However, the question of why Japanese cars have gained so much attention remains. What makes Japanese used cars cheaper than their competitors? You’ll be surprised to know that oftentimes Japanese cars are better than the pricey competition ones.

The best part about Japanese cars is that their quality is impeccable while being available at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at what makes Japanese used cars a good investment:



One of the major concerns of automobiles that have persisted over the years is their effect on the environment. The automobile industry has been working endlessly to manufacture that emit little to no carbon footprint and greenhouses.

With global warming drastically impacting the world and giving rise to unpredictable climate changes, automobile companies are playing their role in manufacturing environment-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles.

In response to this impending issue, Japanese automobile manufacturers started working on building cars that are capable of running without emitting toxic gases into the air. This became one of the reasons why Japanese cars started gaining attention.

One of the prime examples of this is Toyota CHR which is a compact SUV best known for its fuel efficiency. The design of the car makes it stand out from the rest. However, the key selling point of the car is the 37 miles per gallon that it offers.

No Compromise on Quality


The looks and feels of the Japanese are truly one-of-a-kind. And the fact that these cars are available at economical prices adds to the value of Japanese used cars. When you compare the cars made in Japan to their competitors, you will notice the big difference in price tags for features that differ by a rather small margin.

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High-Performance Vehicles


Where maneuverability, performance, and functionality is concerned, you’ll see Japanese cars winning the race. Their performance units are downright extraordinary, and if you couple it with enhanced fuel efficiency and economical price range, the cars are basically the best you can get.

State-Of-The-Art Features


Among the many praise-worthy factors of Japanese cars, their keen eye for detail and the overall make of the car are outstanding. The interior and exterior of the car are made with an excellent level of care and are made to stand out from the competition. Even the older models of Japanese cars have a modern look to them and the potential to stand their own regardless of the newer and advanced models.

One of the best examples of Japanese luxury cars would be the Toyota crown. It is a flagship model of Toyota and a living legend that is widely valued as a luxury sedan. Despite being in the market for over six decades, Crown ranks second on the top-selling cars of Toyota.

Availability of Spare Parts


One thing that all Japanese cars share is reliability. Leading automobile makers like Toyota have produced some of the most remarkable vehicles, such as the Land Cruiser and Corolla, earning high appreciation for the seamless maintenance and resilience they offer. These multipurpose cars feature not only high-end designs but also provide the utmost comfort, performance, safety, and agility.

In addition to being generally phenomenal cars, they also have spare parts that can be found in the market without any hassle, unlike some competitor vehicles whose spare parts are not only costly but also hardly available in the market.



Japanese cars haven’t won the hearts of millions around the world just for their affordability, but it is also because of the fact that they offer exceptional durability and space. These cars feature cabins that enable drivers to load their cars with whatever they want without worrying about the car not being able to hold the weight.

One of those cars is the Toyota Raize. It is a compact automobile that is a perfect match for people who travel a lot and prefer spaciousness in their car so that they can load their essential stuff in. Raize provides exemplary comfort and agility.

No Hefty Import Taxes


Importing luxury cars can become a nightmare that can empty your bank account. People around the world face many challenges in this regard. Sometimes the cost of these taxes is almost the same as the cost of the car, which is why people don’t want to engage themselves with the hassle of importing cars.

However, the lifesaver of us all is Japanese used cars that entail absolutely no import taxes. If you directly import from Japan, then you are not obligated to pay for any taxes whatsoever, and isn’t that just amazing? You not only get to buy a luxury car but also buy it at the same price as the manufacturing state. This factor just adds to the value of investing in a Japanese car.



Japanese used cars are recognized by the institute for highway safety for being the safest car in the year 2016. All Japanese cars were obligated to receive top-scoring in all safety tests, and many models of Nissan and Toyota passed those tests.

Drivers noted that Japanese cars have advanced security systems that make the driving experience smooth and have features installed, making the driver more aware of surroundings. Even without these features, the cars have phenomenal handling and steering assists that can withstand the impact of collisions.